Various Issues

May 15, 2012 at 5:03 PM


im evaluating and at first glance seems to be what i want but a few things are not clear to me could someone please answer

1. i want to be able to ship all the necessary components with my app. in the .msi. do i need to include the whole COMServer folder or can i just ship Puma.Net.dll and regsvr32 it? i notice theres no mention of shipping aPuma.dll and the rest, so what do i need to actually install on the end-user PC? does the interop need regsrv as well?

2. im getting all sorts of code0 & other errors thats already been reported, but im unsure what version i should be using in the first place. i develop on W7 64-Bit but my customers could be either 32 or 64 XP or W7 (i wouldnt necessarily know). theres 2 different versions of the installer, what looks like a standard one and an x86 one - which should i use and deploy?

thanks in advance